Where's Jacob? is the 2nd episode in season 2 of the series Jacob & Zoey
Zoey 63

Zoey video chating Jacob


It was the afternoon, as Zoey was being herself and wondering where her husband is. When she hears the computer beep she saw the chat address and she awnsers it.


Zoey: (She wakes up and finds Jacob gone) Hey guys have you seen Jacob?

Lola: No why?

Quinn: He left!

Zoey: Where? (Hears the computer beep)

Quinn: It's him!

Jacob: Hey Zoey!

Zoey: Hi Jacob your in England.

Jacob: Yeah!

Zoey: Why?

Jacob: My mom sent me here.

Zoey: Why did she do that?

Jacob: It's a punishment for yelling at her.

Zoey: Why did you yell at her sweetie?

Jacob: She called you stupid.

Zoey: Jacob honey you shouldn't have yelled at her.

Jacob: She diserved it Zoey! Your not stupid your pretty.

Zoey: Jacob I love and miss you.

Jacob: I love and miss you too Zoey.

Zoey: Your never allowed back here huh?

Jacob: No!

Zoey: This sucks!

Jacob: I know!

Zoey: Hey don't cry Jacob!

Jacob: I've got it why don't you come and live with me?

Zoey: Sweetie I can't!

Jacob: Why Zoey?

Zoey: Because I want you here with me.

Jacob: I can't Zoey! Mom said if I went back to PCA she'll have a restraining order agienst you.

Zoey: She can't have me restrained for loving you.

Jacob: Yeah thats what I've been telling her.

Zoey: Is your dad around?

Jacob: Yeah! Why?

Zoey: I want to move in with you Jacob.

Jacob: You've changed your mind Zoey?

Zoey: Yes I made a vow to spend the rest of my life with you Jacob.

Jacob: Thank you Zoey!

Zoey: (softly smiles) Your welcome Jacob!

Zoey: Oh and you left your PlayStation here.

Jacob: Keep it! Its both of ours and I left Gex 3 there for you.

Zoey: Speaking of Gex he passed.