The Truth is the 4th episode in season 3

Plot Edit

Zoey is setting in the lounge telling about Jacob's disorder and everyone was shocked to learn, 'til Jacob comes in and explains the rest to them even Lola didn't know though he never got angry towards his friends or Zoey when he told them he has attention deficit disorder he says that he wish he wasn't born with it and Zoey gives him a hug along with Lola.

Quotes Edit

Zoey: Everyone I have to tell you about Jacob.
Quinn: What is it Zoey?
Zoey: He has attention difict disorder.
Chase: He has ADD?

Zoey: Yes!
Michael: Are you possitve?
Lola: My cousin has ADD omg.
Logan: Whats up?
Chase: Jacob has ADD!
Logan: Attention difict disorder?
Quinn: Yeah he was born with it.
Michael: Not only does he get mad you should've seen what happend to Vince.
Lola: What happend to Vince?
Michael: Oh, Jacob beat him up.
Jacob: Hi Zoey!
Zoey: Hi Jacob!
Chase: We heard about your disorder
Jacob: You told them huh Zoe?
Zoey: Yes are you mad?
Jacob: No! I was about to tell them but you did it for me Zoey thank you.
Zoey: Your welcome Jacob!
Jacob: I love you Zoey!
Zoey: I love you too Jacob.

Lola: Aww you two!
Jacob: Zoey's not the only one I love Lola I love you as well.
Zoey: See Lola he loves you!