Early Life

Ever since he was first born, all Sylvester wanted to do was type Sylvester. And so, he did.

Later Life and DeathEdit

When Zoey Martinez was typing an important essay for her book club, she left her laptop unattended when she went to the bathroom to rub her cunt and simultaneously shit herself. Sylvester took this oppurtunity to type Sylvester all over the essay. When Zoey had returned, her essay was ruined, and Sylvester was to blame, smiling up at her like a cheeky bastard. She then proceded to bludgeon Sylvester to death with an empty milk carton, and bashed his teeth in. Sylvester's final words were: "I-I just w-wanted to type S-Sylvester..." he said as Zoey broke the rest of his skull in. Sylvester's now lifeless corpse, still twitching for some reason, lay on the floor, aroused Zoey. She began to fuck the living daylights out of the decaying feline body. Suddenly, back from the dildo store, Jacob Martinez saw his wife/girlfriend violently getting fucked by the barbed cat penis that used to belong to Sylvester. Jacob then died on the spot, Zoey shat herself again, and everyone died. The End.