On 2/1/15, Zoey 101 was renewed for a fifth season. It will consist of 30 episodes. Chase will be re added to the main cast.


After the prom in Chasing Zoey, Zoey decides to stay in PCA with her friends, even if the semester is over. Chase decides to stay in PCA instead of moving back. In this season, past characters will return as guests and probably main casts.


  • Jaime Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks
  • Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews
  • Victoria Justice as Lola Martinez
  • Christopher Massey as Michael Barret
  • Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese
  • Austin Butler as James Garret
  • Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks
  • Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky


  1. Home Sweet PCA
  2. Zoey 101 Season 5 Intro (FanMade)-0

    Zoey 101 Season 5 Intro (FanMade)-0

    Old Roomies