This is the first episode of the series Jacob & Zoey


It is Jacob and Zoey's first day at PCA though Jacob arrived earlier then Zoey did.


Zoey: Here we are!

(No one raises their hand)

Zoey's dad: Yeah hey be sure to tell your boyfriend I said hi
Zoey: Okay!
Zoey's dad: Bye Zoey!
Chase: You must be Zoey?
Zoey: Yep thats me!
Chase: Jacob told me about you.
Zoey: Jacob is here?
Chase: Yeah he's drawing
Zoey: That's nice! I've been dating him since pre-school
Chase: Since pre-school?
Zoey: Yes!
Chase: Wow thats a long time.
Zoey: Yes it is I love him.
Chase: Here he comes!
Zoey: Jacob!
Jacob: Oh my god Zoey!
Zoey: Long time no see!
Jacob: I missed you so much Zoey.
Zoey: I missed you too why did you leave middle school
Jacob: I moved away!
Zoey: Why?
Jacob: Mom got a new job.
Zoey: She hates me does she?
Jacob: Yes!
Zoey: Wow!
Jacob: Dad said it's okay for me to come here.
Zoey: Where do you live?
Jacob: North Carolina!
Zoey: That far?
Jacob: Yeah but hey after we finish high school we can live together
Zoey: Yeah oh and my dad said hi.
Jacob: Thats nice of him Zoey.