Lola Martinez is Zoey's roommate and is related to Zoey's boyfriend Jacob

Bio Edit

Lola Martinez is the roommate Zoey and cousin of Jacob Martinez. Lola came to PCA because he's the only relative left other then her uncle and aunt and Regina she's also very close to him. Lola invites Jacob to her dorm and asks him if he wants to move in, but he said Dean Rivers won't allow him in the girls dorm so Zoey said she'll ask Dean Rivers for him so the girls and Dean Rivers have a conversation weather or not if Jacob can stay with Zoey, Lola and Quinn and says yes because he knows Jacob's afraid when not being around Zoey or Lola dispite Lola being lonly she wants nothing more then to spend time with Jacob because she loves him. Lola has attendees to worry about him when he's sick. She often asks if he's feeling well but sometimes she feels like it's her fault that he's sick and Zoey thinks it's not. From time to time she offers to help him with chemistry homework so he can get an A on a project and when she learns Jacob picked Zoey as his partner she became upset.

Family Edit

Jacob Martinez: Cusion

Zoey: Best friend/cusion-in-law-

Mandy: Cusion


Lola Martinez A Moment Of Relief

Lola Martinez A Moment Of Relief