Jacob's In The Hospital is the 8th episode in season 3 of Jacob And Zoey.

Plot Edit

It was the morning at PCA and no one knew where Jacob was until the news said he was tranported to the hospital. Zoey was the only one who doesn't know Lola decided to hide it but Chase tells her and Zoey was really upset that her husband couldn't see a movie with her so she goes to the hospital to see if he's okay. Jacob requested to talk to Zoey so the doctor allows her inside the room Zoey asked what happend and Jacob said he broke his right arm. Jacob also tells Zoey he'll be out tomorrow she stays all night with him and his mother. Ms. Martinez never really liked Zoey they get each other as they both love Jacob so Jacob's mom accepts Zoey and informers her that her lost daughter Mandy was on her and Zoey told her that Jacob never explained Mandy to her. Jacob wakes up in the morning Zoey checks Jacob out of the hospital and has her mother-in-law- drive them to PCA.