&nbsp Jacob and Zoey's relationship is good.

About the relationshipEdit

Jacob and Zoey have been dating since pre-school and their love for each other has never been broken. Zoey loves her boyfriend to death and wants to remain with him the rest of her life and Jacob does the same for Zoey. They attend PCA togather and live in the same dorm. Dean Rivers allowed the two to be in the same room togather because Jacob is afraid of the dark so he sleeps with Zoey in her bed, she'll normally rest her head against his. In episode 1 of season 2 "I love you Zoey" she is seen asleep on his shoulder and on his head on her head. Sometimes in the lounge Jacob will either play video games or draw pictures of Zoey and his friends, but he draws Zoey and him a lot. In the 2nd episode of season 2 titled Zoey Brooks Will You Marry Me? Zoey has agreed to marry him and in episode 3 and 4 of season 3 titled I Now Prenouce You Mr and Mrs Brooks and I'm Moving In With Jacob they begin to say goodbye to PCA and move in with each other though Jacob has a hard time saying goodbye to Chase he cries on Chase saying "I'm gonna miss you so much Chase." Chase hugs him and tells him to let it out and then Zoey hugs Jacob real tight telling him "It's okay I know it's hard to say goobye Jacob." and then he replies "Please don't let go of me Zoey." and then Zoey says "Okay Jacob I won't let go." Zoey doesn't let go and she carries him to they're room so they can rest for the trip. As Jacob is asleep Zoey gives him one of her jackets as a gift of being by her side. Jacob wears her jacket if he's cold or if he wants. In I Have Faith In You Zoey Jacob tells Zoey he has faith in her and that he couldn't stand the thought of losing her and she feels the same for him. At times Jacob is sitting in the lounge with her lying on her lap and sleeps, though while he sleeps she often rubbs his head and puts her jacket over him. They often give each other gifts even on there first wedding anniversary so they decide to make necklesses for each other one of which Zoey made with her name for Jacob and his with his name on her's.