Jacob's Birthday is the 1st epsiode of season 4 in the show Jacob And Zoey.


Jacob comes back to PCA on his birthday.

Quotes Edit

Zoey: Do you guys know it's Jacob's birthday today?
Lola: Yes!
Mr. Thatcher: It's Jacob's birthday?

Zoey: Yes he's coming back I called him last night.
Lola: And I can tell him happy birthday
Quinn: Will you two be hugging him the entire time?
Lola: Yes!
Chase: Jacob's around the corner Zoe.
Michael: I hug him first!
Jacob: Guess who!
Lola: Jacob! Happy birthday!
Chase: Happy birthday man!
Quinn: Hi Jacob!
Jacob: Hi guys!
Zoey: Hey does your little angel get a hug?
[He hugs her and tells her he missed her]
Jacob: I needed that hug! Thank you Zoey!
Zoey: Your welcome Jacob!
Dustin: Jacob!
Jacob: Dustin!
Dustin: What are you doing here?
Jacob: It's my birthday!
Dustin: Happy birthday man!
Jacob: Thanks Dustin! Hey you wanna hear a song tonight everyone can come even you