I'm Moving In With Jacob is the 3rd episode in season 3 of the series Jacob and Zoey.


When sets down with her friends telling them she made her choice of moving in with her husband. More coming soon!


Zoey: I've made my choice I'm moving in with Jacob
Lola: You are?
Zoey: Yes!
Chase: Go for it!
Zoey: Thanks Chase!
Lola: We'll miss you Zoey
Zoey: I'll miss you guys too.
Michael: Where is he?
Zoey: England!
Chase: England! What is he doing there?
Zoey: His mom forced him there.
Lola: Why Zoey?
Logan: What happend?
Zoey: He yelled at her for calling me stupid
Lola: She's evil!

(Michael tries clicking out, but the screen ends up on the monitor, blinking and the red light beeps and blinks)

Michael: Zoey um do you need help?
Logan: We need to talk.
Zoey: We do!
Chase: I don't think his mom will be happy.
Michael: Nope.
Logan: You got to ask him to come back
Chase: Will you two just ecepet the fact that Jacob is not coming back
Michael: I can't handel it man I miss him.
Logan: Me too!
Zoey: Are you sure you guys are okay with this?
Chase: Yeah!
Michael: Come on! (sighs)
Chase: If she wants to let her.
Logan: You better tell him we said hi.
Zoey: I will!
Michael: Jacob is very lucky Zoey.
Chase: (Chase starts to cry) I miss him so much.
Michael: It's okay man!
Chase: I never wanted him to leave PCA

Logan: It's Jacob he wants to talk to Chase and Zoey.
Chase: Both of us?
Zoey: I figure as such!
Jacob: Hi Chase
Chase: Hi Jacob hows England?
Jacob: Boaring
Zoey: Hi sweetie!
Jacob: Hi Zoey! (looks upset)
Chase: What's wrong buddy?
Jacob: I miss you both so much.
Zoey: (Looks upset too) We miss you too!
Jacob: Dad said he'll be there in a bit. I just wish Chase could live with us.
Chase: It's fine man!
Jacob: No it's not! (starts crying)
Zoey: Hey smile Jacob you'll have me.


Chase: You're right... Everything you guys said is true.
Michael: We know you miss Jacob, man.
Chase: I just want him back (Jacob looks surprised)

Michael: It's okay man we miss him too.