This is about the character Cassie Mathews from Cassie 101 .


Cassie Mathews is the daughter of Zoey Brooks (Now Zoey Mathews) and her husband Chase Mathews. Cassie Mathews is the main character of Cassie 101 and comes to PCA (Pacific Coast Academy) in 10th grade. Her friends are Selah, Alex, Donny, and George and her little brother, Jonah, is in 9th grade. Cassie is a lot like her mother, Zoey, and is very kind, generous, fun, and a little stubborn sometimes. Lola's daughter, Alex, and Zoey fight at times but are good friends. Cassie's love intrest is George and her and George hang out a lot.


Cassie has long blond hair with a cyan highlight in it. She loves fashion and wears all the new clothing.