This is about the Season 1 Ep. 2 episode, Alex's Got A Date of Cassie 101 .


The school Dance is coming up and Alex needs a date! So Cassie and Selah set Alex up with the star quarterback of the football team, Brolin. Alex and Brolin go on a date at Sushi Rox and totally hit it off. Three days later Brolin and Alex go on a study date and Brolin asks Alex to the school dance. Alex immediatly says yes and runs up to her room to get money for a dress. On the night of the prom, Alex goes to a cafe called Remie's to have dinner with Brolin, but when she gets their, Alex finds out that Brolin is cheating on her with Diana (a cheerleader) and Brolin sees Alex see him kissing Diana. Alex runs to her room, crying. Cassie and Selah see her running to their dorm and they follow her. Alex tells them what happened and they decide to have their own prom in their dorm without Brolin. The girls call everyone and Donny, George, Jonah, and everyone at PCA (except for Diana and Brolin) come in the 10th and 9th grade. Diana loses her popularity status and Brolin breaks up with her. Alex meets a boy named Luke and they start dating. The next day Brolin finds out that Alex and Luke are dating and asks Alex if she wants to go out with him. Alex refuses saying she would rather lose her acting carrer then date a two timing pig.


  • This episode has the least amount of air time for Cassie because this episode focuses around Alex
  • Sidney Roberta was in a barbie doll outfit for her dress to the school dance, but when Alex is at the store to buy a dress, Sidney is buying a baby blue dress for the dance
  • In episode 1, Selah says that she is alergic to chocalate, but in this episode she eats chocolate