This is about Season 1 Episode 1 New School of Cassie 101 .


Cassie Mathews and Jonah Mathews (daughter and son of Chase and Zoey Mathews) go to PCA (Pacific Coast Academy) for 10th grade (Cassie) and 9th grade (Jonah). Along the way they meet new people like Selah Dalton, Donny Reese, Alex Quilla, and George Willis. Once they get their, the girls meet a ton of problems like: finding a girl named Sidney Roberta who loves Barbie Dolls, Donny Reese who is stuck up and snoty, and a teacher named Mrs. Barker who hates Cassie because of her perfect school record, unlike her son Morgan Barker who has a terrible school record. It's a crazy day of school.


  • When the theme song starts, you can see a tiny clip of Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey from Season Four.
  • When Cassie is watching TV she is watching Zoey 101, this can't be possible considering that Cassie is Zoey's daughter
  • The theme song for Cassie 101 is the same song as Zoey 101, but Cassie's actress sang the theme song instead of Zoey's actresss.