This is about Season 1 Ep. 3 of Cassie 101.


The school is out for a week fumigation and Cassie, Alex, Donny, George and Selah are excited to go on vacation in Hollywood and can't wait. But, when the boys miss their flight, Cassie, Alex, and Selah are on their own in Hollywood. When the girls get off the plane, Cassie is told to come with a butler named Marty. He asks her if her name is Marlena and Cassie accidentaly says yes. The girls go to an amazing hotel and the butler gives Cassie his number for any "needs". The girls decide to use this butler's mistake to their advantage and ask him to drive them to Universal Studios. The park is closed down because they think Cassie is Marlena and they go on all the rides with no wait. While riding Jurrasic Park River Adeventure, the girls are stopped and two spies in ski masks and black jumpsuits try to take Cassie and their friends with them because they think their Marlena. TBC.

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