This is about Cassie 101, a spin-off series to Zoey 101.


When Chase and Zoey have graduated college, they get married and have two kids: a girl named Cassie, and a boy named Jonah. When Cassie is in 10th grade and Jonah is in 9th, they transfer to PCA (Pacific Coast Academy) to start a new school life. Now they'll have to deal with high school and other life problems in Cassie 101.


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Cassie MathewsChase and Zoey's daughter. She transfers to PCA in 10th grade to start a new school life.  

Jonah Mathews- Chase and Zoey's son. He transfers to PCA in 9th grade to start high school.

Alex Blake - Alex or Alexa Blake is the daughter of Lola Martinez (now Lola Blake) and her husband Vince Blake. She is sent to PCA because of her mothers fun and happy time their for 10th grade.

Donny Reese - The son of Logan Reese and Quinn Pensky (now Quinn Reese) who is the popular kid at school and in 10th grade.

George Willis- George Willis is a kid in 10th grade that has been at PCA since 7th grade.

Selah Dalton - Selah Dalton is a 10th grader and Cassie's best friend. She's wacky and funny and does lots of crazy things.


Season 1

Ep. 1 New School

Ep. 2 Alex's Got A Date

Ep. 3 Break Time

Ep. 4 New Girl

Ep. 5 Finding Cassie Part 1

Ep. 6 Finding Cassie Part 2

Ep.7 Leaving So Soon?

Ep. 8 A Dingo Ate My Homework